Our Mission : Nutrition

The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) has a long-standing commitment to healthy foods and healthy lives. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the food we distribute is high quality, nutritious, and safe.

People at risk of hunger have limited or no resources to buy the nutritious foods that are critical to their overall health, growth, and development. For those who struggle to afford or access nutritious food, inexpensive and unhealthy foods are sometimes the only option. This can lead to increased risk of overweight, obesity, and other systemic health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer.

GBFB recognizes the importance of providing individuals and families in need with foods that end hunger and improve community health. In our commitment to achieving these aims, GBFB collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to:

  • Create nutrition specifications that are adhered to when we purchase foods;
  • Utilize an internal nutrition measurement ranking system to ensure that at least 80% of our inventory is comprised of nutritious items;
  • Provide all nutrition product rankings to our member agencies through our online ordering system, empowering them to choose the best possible food for their clients;
  • Offer nutrition education, meal planning, and nutrition analysis;
  • Communicate the importance of good nutrition to our partners and food donors; and
  • Collaborate with our network of 550 hunger-relief member agencies and 30 GBFB direct distribution programs to provide healthy food choices

Nutrition is strategically incorporated into our integrated strategies to achieve our goal of providing one meal a day to all in need. Building on our ten year commitment to nutrition, GBFB will continue to be a leader in providing nutritious food to sustain healthful eating and healthy communities.

Nutrition Resources

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