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Kids Cafe is a partnership with local Boys & Girls Clubs, providing nutritious, out-of-school meals to 1,000 disadvantaged children a day, five days a week.

The Greater Boston Food Bank's "Kids Cafe" program feeds close to 1,000 children a day, five days a week. A partnership with local Boys & Girls Clubs, the number of children showing up for free meals has grown significantly since the economic downturn.

We started the Kids Cafe program because we know that when children are out of school, they are often not being fed, or they are eating unhealthy food. During the school year, Kids Cafe dinners are served an average of five nights per week. During the summer, breakfast and lunch are provided to replace the free or reduced-price school meals that children no longer receive when school isn't in session.

Kids Cafe not only feeds children, but also teaches them about food, healthy eating and how to make smarter food choices for more energy and to live healthier lives. The program's nutrition team takes an interactive, energized approach to making healthy eating interesting and easy, with multi-week learning modules such as "Snack Attack", "Eat Fit", and "Rainbow Buffet", that teach the connection between healthy foods and healthy, active minds and bodies. Participating children also make smart snacks and meals together, and are given a "take home" bag with child-friendly recipes to encourage caregivers to continue the teaching and learning process.

The Greater Boston Food Bank provides children with 378,526 meals per year at seven locations in eastern Massachusetts, including:

    - Chelsea: Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club/Kraft Family Center
    - Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester
    - The Blue Hill Club George Robert White Youth Development Center in Dorchester
    - The Yawkey Club of Roxbury
    - South Boston Boys & Girls Club
    - Boys & Girls Club of Fall River
    - Boys & Girls Club of Brockton

Contact or 617-427-5200 to learn more about Kids Cafe.

Donor Spotlight

Stop & Shop sponsors two Kids Cafes – Boys & Girls Club of Fall River and Boys & Girls Club of Brockton.

The Kids Cafe "Heroes Club" celebrates and honors the extraordinary generosity and commitment of businesses that donate high nutrient quality foods to the program, including:

    - American Pride Seafood donating fish
    - T.F. Kinnealey donating chicken
    - Garelick Farms providing milk
    - Kettle Cuisine providing nutritious soups and stews
    - Olivia's Organics donating salad greens
    - Mama Rosie's providing low-sodium and low-calorie raviolis & tomato sauce
    - High Liner Foods donating fish
    - and Ken's Food donating low-fat salad dressing
    - Vitasoy providing soy milk

Kids Cafe is a registered trademark of Feeding America and is used under license.

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