SNAP (formerly the Food Stamp Program) is a federal program that helps individuals and families buy the food needed for good health. 
GBFB can help you apply.

Income Eligibility

If your income is within these guidelines, you may be eligible.

Household Size Gross Monthly Income*
1 $2,010
2 $2,707
3 $3,403
4 $4,100
5 $4,797
6 $5,493
7 $6,190
+1 +$696
*Before taxes or healthcare costs are deducted.


GBFB assists people with accessing SNAP benefits by:
  • Determining eligibility for benefits
  • Assisting with completing and submitting the application to the Department of Transitional Assistance
  • Providing follow up support, education, and training
Did you know…
  • Some special circumstances may allow seniors (age 60+) or people with disabilities who are over the income limit to still qualify. If your income exceeds the amount listed, please contact us.
  • You can receive Social Security or unemployment benefits and qualify for food stamps.
  • You can work and still qualify for food stamps.
Contact us to speak with an outreach counselor

Call: 617-598-5022
Fax: 617-477-8422

Or fill out the form below, and we will contact you.

SNAP Referral Form

By filling out the form below, you give permission for The Greater Boston Food Bank to contact you via phone regarding assistance with a SNAP application. We will contact you within five business days of receiving your referral. GBFB’s operating hours are 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. If you require assistance after 4:30 PM, we will contact you via phone on the Wednesday following your referral submission.
  • If this form is being filled out by a provider, please provide the following:

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