How to Help : Advocate

Solving hunger in eastern Massachusetts will take social and political will, greater awareness and more resources. Please contact government decision-makers, and advocate sustained and increased support for hunger-relief in our community.

Play your critical role in ending hunger in our community by learning about the issues, and joining your voice with The Greater Boston Food Bank's to advocate for sustained and increased government support of hunger-relief efforts in eastern Massachusetts, the Commonwealth and throughout the country.

Here you'll find information and resources that will keep you up to date and aware of governmental action regarding hunger in Massachusetts. We encourage you to reach out to your local political leaders, to inform and engage them to help end the growing problem of hunger in our communities.

Additional Resources

Here are links to other organizations dedicated to the cause as well as links to elected officials throughout Massachusetts who may need to be alerted about a specific call for action at any given time in support of hungry citizens in our region.