Kitchen Cabinet

The Kitchen Cabinet is a group of young professionals dedicated to ending hunger in our community through a series of signature events.
Kitchen Cabinet
Each year, the Kitchen Cabinet holds volunteer days and social events that incorporate creative fundraising and generate awareness of hunger.

The Kitchen Cabinet is a group of young professionals dedicated to building a community of GBFB supporters. They volunteer, provide financial support and also raise awareness about hunger within their social and professional networks.

Members make a one-year commitment, with the option to extend annually beyond that. Each member actively participates in GBFB activities during the year in the following ways.

  • Attend two Kitchen Cabinet events per year: Step Into Summer and Fall Into Fall (currently ticket prices are $75 per person).
  • Purchase a minimum of two tickets per event or make an equivalent donation. Your total annual support will be $300, which allows GBFB to distribute 900 meals per member.
  • Build a knowledge base and awareness of The Greater Boston Food Bank’s mission, programs and opportunities.
  • Attend at least one Kitchen Cabinet meeting or volunteer event held throughout the year.

Volunteer chairs, together with GBFB staff, plan the strategic direction of the group and all fundraising efforts.

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Optional Involvement Opportunities

Members of the Kitchen Cabinet provide additional support to GBFB as they are able. Examples of further opportunities for involvement include:

View a complete list of events.
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